Keeping Myself Busy

The rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful. I had to work today most people had it off but it is not a holiday for my company and I am trying to save my vacation for a trip later this year. However that trip is looking less and less likely to happen this year as we seem to be waiting longer and longer for a referral. We are now being told it will be a few more weeks, I was really hoping to have something by the big party on Saturday for my Grandma but that is not going to happen. I have fears that this will not work out, just like the domestic adoption that did not happen in July. I know that it is the risk we were willing to take by starting a pilot program but it is harder than I thought.

I did get some fabric, yesterday and a new pattern. I am going to work on some more Little Miss Clothes. BB’s clothes will have to wait until we find out if we are going to get a referral of a boy or a girl and how old and what size he/she is. I also have another project that I am working on. So maybe sewing will keep me busy for the next few weeks so I don’t go crazy. I doubt it, since I am already half-way there.

If you read Jim’s blog at all you know I have been banished to the back room. Ok, not really banished, I have already informed him that cutting will have to take place on the kitchen table. I really wish we had more room because it is really nice to have the kitchen table back as a place to eat, but I feel cramped in the back room.

I also listed another blanket on ETSY, see my sidebar for the link. I have sold 3, but I need to find a way to get more exposure if I am going to add anything to the Little Miss/BB fund. I probably should have staggered the listing of my blankets to keep my page at the top of the searches. It seems the newest listed show up first on searches which means the longer they are listed the less likely they will get seen. Live and learn.


(((HUGS))) Hang in there!

Pretty new fabrics. I always find that sewing is good therapy! (and if so, I should be sewing my butt off right now!)
Okay.. first off you will get the referral of my NEPHEW soon.. be patient.. This will not turn out like the domestic adoption.. Second of all.. I know a way to get money in your adoption fund.. make Isabella some of those cute little outfits too...
You will have a great time on Sat. and BB will be here soon..
I am always here for you girly..
Love ya..
Jimh. said…
I know it's hard! I think if we call the agency everyday, they will get tired of us and give us a child just to get us off their backs. As for your dungeon...well, it seems to be are quiet and far away fom me!LOL! I think your dresses and blankets will be great. I have put a link on MY blog to your Etsy page...hope it helps.
Grandma said…
A few more weeks sounds like a general term they just threw out. I bet it will be sooner than that.
Try not to be discouraged.

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