One Hundred Days

Referrals came out today and this is how much money I would have saved if I was saving a dollar for everyday they have referred since our LID for Little Miss. There are still 440 days to go in the long wait for Little Miss. The actual number of days that we have been waiting since our LID is 495, sorry they don't make $495 dollar bills to post a picture of.


Jimh. said…
What's 495 days between friends? Sucks. I hope they hurry up! At least, if you cn't have've got me!?! Love ya!
WE are getting there..
Referrals came out quickly this month.. and hope they keep doing big numbers... 9 is better then 2...
Have a Great Evening..
Diana & Dori said…
Referrals were amazingly quick this time! Love it!
I so hope things speed up soon!!! Each day is a step closer!

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