Paperwork Mountain Climbing

So here we go again, adoption paperwork can be the Everest of Paper Work Mountains and we have just began the climb. Instead of Everest maybe I should compare it to climbing Mount Khuzi which according to Wikipedia is the highest peak in Burundi. Yesterday we received our first instruction packet of documents that need to be collected. So basically we stopped at the mountain climbing store and picked up our picks and shovels and high altitude gear to get ready for the journey. Then I wasted no time in getting to the foothills (dragging my dear husband behind), I ordered our birth and marriage certificates and started getting everything organized. I am tempted to start a Book like I have for China (“The Book” for people that know me well) but I think I can live with out it, gasp, shutter, breathe in. In 2 years we have gone from a 3 inch binder filled to the brim to a flash drive and a manila folder. I can carry most of it with me, everywhere, in my pocket!

I think the next step is to make doctors appointments to get our physicians letters notarized. I am so excited. I actually love this part of the adoption because I am doing something constructive to bring our baby home. The waiting is not nearly as fun.

Stay tuned for base camp updates from our symbolic Mitumba Mountain Range journey.

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I am following you on your amazing journey through the mountains...
And I will be there at the end to give my nephew all the kisses in the world..
Next step.. BB referral..
Have a Great Weekend..
(I am first Jim)
Get your gear packed. Have an enjoyable weekend. Build a fire at base camp and enjoy some s'mores! Cause you will have some paperwork, and s'more, and s'more!
Grandma said…
That is so exciting.Mountain climbing can be fun. You'll reach the top very soon.
Jimh. said…
Ummm...Why do we have to climb a mountain, again? It looks high! I think I am catching a cold. How 'bout I just sit here t base camp and read a book while you do the climbing. Call me when you get near the top...I'll catch up. promise!

Ahhhh, I'm just kiddin'. I am excited too! BB is coming home!!!
Too funny....I love the analogy!!! Bless you and sending lots of positive energy your way
okie said…
Sounds like a step closer sure hope so!

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