Pick Me Up From Kim

Thank you Kim for the "just because" gift, you always seem to know when I need a pick me up. She has been saving up some goodies for me for a while and I was so happy to get them today!

I have had a sore back so I have been not been as active as I like, then Jim decided to give me his head cold. No one can ever say that we are not a family that shares.

I can't wait to get these clippies in Little Miss' hair.

The frame is super cute and the window clings might have to follow me to work.
The flashlight is really neat it comes on when the eletricity goes out so Little Miss can find us in the dark if she ever gets scared in a power outage or just needs some middle of the night cuddle time. Kim you always find such neat stuff.

We got our home Study update today so that means that the updated 171H should be on the way. We also got our birth certs and marriage cert. today, wow that was fast! We might be heading out of base camp soon.


Jimh. said…
Kim is Great isn't she? I think we had best head up the mountain a bit. By we I mean you. I have my lawn chair! I was first Kim!!!!
I will let you be fist this time Jim becuase you took pictures..
Glad you like the little goodies for Little Miss...
Have a Great Week..
Hope all goes by fast.. and you get BB's referral soon..
can't wait to see his cute little face..
Grandma said…
That is good news. Things are moving right along. I love all the cute things your gal pal sent you.
Kim is so thoughtful!

Sounds like your gear is nearly packed and you can begin your ascent!
Jimh. said…
How's that French language course going? Bon?

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