Today marks two years since we sent our application to AAO (our agency). Although we started researching and committed to adopt from China in August 2006 it wasn't until October that we signed a contract and really got started. So exactly one week before our 7th wedding aniversary we started the journey to Little Miss. We would have been LID alot sooner if I had been 30 but we had to wait until April to send everything to China.

And 2 years later we are slowing making our way up a smaller mountian to BB. We have definately left base camp and our hiking our way up a steep slope. Hopefully there is a notary on the other side of that rise that we are approching.


Congrats on 2 years...hopefully it won't be 2 more!
Jimh. said…
Yes, there is a notary!! She is a most friendly sort and doesn't mind travelling. I think we lucked out with this one! Finally, two years later. Amazing it has been that long! I wouldn't want to climb with anyone else, though! I love you!
Congrats on 2 years... doesn't seem like it.. but in one since does... Hope we get our girls soon.. but BB will be here first..
Cna't wait ..
Lisa said…
Hang in there, Cora...you're nearly to the summit.

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