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I am participating in a blog interview that Wendy set up. What a great way to get to know your fellow bloggers. Here is my question from Wendy.

I love your list of blogs!
Have you picked up on any good parenting advice from some of the other blogs that you read?

Definitely, I pick up advice where ever I go not just blogs. But being able to follow families through waiting to referral to travel to home with kids has been wonderful. Jim keeps up with a few of the blogs that I do and he said to me one night “You know following blogs like this is better than any of the adoption education that we have had.” And it is so true. I have learned so much from all of you and I hope that someday someone learns something from me.
The best piece of advice that I have gleaned is that your child will be their own person regardless of what you imagine them to be. I think it may be hard to let go of expectations but if you go into this process knowing that you need to be flexible then you will actually be more prepared.

What types of blogs are important to you and what makes them a favorite?

I like several types of blogs, parenting, adoption, photography, blogs of friends and family and anything that I find honest and funny. Honesty is huge in my book. I like to see life as it is not as it “should be” and if you write in a funny way then I am in. The blogs on my sidebar are mostly adoption blogs (with my grandma’s thrown in for good luck because she is so amazing) that I comment on, some more than others. Parenting is what I am most interested in and those are my favorites (whether they are adoption or not).

I worry about becoming the creepy childless woman that spies on other people’s kids since she can not have her own, so I stay hidden sometimes because it feels safe. I know it is a stupid insecurity but I still have it and I am working on it. I have struggled with shyness all my life and there are a few things that have helped me, one has been this blog, I can open up parts of my life to people and I have found so much kindness and acceptance. In the years when we were trying to have a child I felt like there was this club that I was not allowed to join but I so wanted in, I think through blogging I have found the club that I need to be in. We are all so different but I feel fortunate that so far most everyone that I have run across has been accepting and generous. I am so glad that I found the world of blogging I have found more friends than I would have ever imagined.

I don’t know if I answered your questions very well but I hope you learned something about me.

I just have to throw in a bit of adoption news. Guess what we got yesterday in the mail? nope, no referrals but it was something adoption related.

Yep, we got our 171H. It is still for China, we will have to change that but it is one step down.


Great answer..
and I love ya just the way you are..
You and Jim are going to be AMAZING parents..
Congrats on your approval.. again.
Hugs girly.
Love ya..
Jimh. said…
It's nice seeing you get further up the the way, when you get back to base camp, we are out of wine!!

Kim...I let you have it(I get to cuddle with her when she doesn't bite).
mommy2gabby said…
I am so glad you got your approval! Congratulations Cora and Jim!!!

I think you guys are going to be really great parents! Can't wait to see those cute smiling faces on your blog.

So glad you got it! That is one Life giving piece of paper!!! I laughed at your comments. I remember when we were first waiting for Lily....I stalked families with Asian children. yes I said I stalked them...could have even been arrested. I was careful not to approach if the child was old enough to understand...some people can be a little touchy. I did once follow a woman into a Ladies Room to ask about her daughter who stayed at their table. She was not too forthcoming during the conversation. I wonder why...maybe a tad bit awkward..That was the most crazed I ever was. Because of this, I can spot a stalker from a mile away and always encourage conversation. It helps so much!!! The blogs are a wonderful way to stalk, I mean visit anonymously. Thanks for visiting our blog and for your wonderful comments for Graeme.
w00t! Congrats on the approval!

Great answers to Wendy's questions. I need to finish my answers to the questions she gave me! (still catching up from a busy weekend!)

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