Guess Who?

Guess who was back on my desk today? Yep that's right the ladybug returned. I thought for sure the poor bug was doomed to die in my office. But I looked down after my lunch and there he was sitting on my desk right in front of me. He was looking kinda dead again (his wings were out) so I scooped him up and he started to move a little. He's ALIVE!! I quickly took the little bug out side and released him on a bush. I hope he survives!

But it has to be a sign that something is coming, right? Hey, a girl has to dream or she might actually go insane (not just the pseudo crazy that I am now).


BB is on HIS WAY...
Coming soon...
The gorgeous little BB..
And I hope we have some names..
Have a Great Weekend..
Love ya girly..
Grandma said…
Yes, it means something! Get your bags packed !!!

It wouldn't show up two times and not mean something.
Sounds very promising to me!
Jimh. said…
Or it finally realized that you leave crumbs on your desk...? Love ya! :-)
Michelle said…
One day when we were considering opting out of the China program, something flew by our face, and landed on the floor at our feet, and it was a baby ladybug! I swear this is true, and the amazing thing was, I have never before seen a ladybug in our house! It was at that moment that we decided to stay with the program. Thank goodness we did, or we wouldn't have our sweet little girl today.
It is a sign!! I truly believe that now!
How wonderful! Hope you have news very soon!

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