Bah Humbug......

I am so not in the Halloween spirit this year. We did get some candy to hand out to all the cute munchkins but I am just not into it. Last year we even dressed up the dogs but I figured that was enough humiliation to last a few years so no costumes this year. No decorations on the porch unless you count the dead flowers. It kinda snuck up on me, oh well.

Maybe I can convince Jim to make be a Halloween green slime Martini (AKA appletini) when I get home or maybe not. I think we might watch a movie or play Wii. What ever we do it is Friday YEA!!!

Hope you have a fun and Halloween and don't eat too much candy.


Jimh. said…
I am ALL for the Green slime Martini! After a few of those, it might as well be New Years! Hooray!!! Bring in the New Year!!!!!! Woo-hooo!

Ih, yeah, where's my Borg Costume?

Oh, Kim, did I get here first??? Ohhh, I guess I just... ROCK!!!
Lisa said…
Cheer up, Miss Cora!!! At least there will be candy to munch on during the Movie or Wii play.
Grandma said…
You'll probably have a steady streak of little pests showing up on your door step. You won't be able to watch anything. Have fun !!!!
I am totally grumpy today...so we need to go out for a girls night instead!! (of course we live too far away!)
Have a Great Evening.
I want to go to the all girls night out..Oh yeah..I live to far also..
Love ya girly..

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