I've Been Tagged

I was tagged by Diana over at Diana's Daily Ramblings.

So I have to come up with 7 random and or weird facts about me. Although Jim could probably come up with about 100 random/weird facts about me I was having trouble, simple because I think everything I do is perfectly normal and non-random. So here is my best shot.
  1. I hate hot food on cold plates. I will run my plates under hot water or set them on the stove for a few minutes before dinner.
  2. I have to sleep in a top with sleeves. I can't stand to have my shoulders bare.
  3. If I could go back 15 years to when I started college I would have studied harder and gone to medical school. I would love to study or work in the epidemiology field.
  4. I wear a green coat in the winter (this one is just totally random)
  5. The only normal food that I don’t eat is eggs. It makes going out to breakfast challenging.
  6. I started saving the fortunes from our fortune cookies when we were logged in to China and I have most of them in a red envelope in my dresser.
  7. I taught my self to French braid from a book When I was in middle school and it is the most mundane but useful skill I have taught myself. I have my hair braided about 5 days a week.

Ok now comes the hardest part for me, tagging people.
I think a lot of people have done this already so I am just going to name a few (not seven)

My Husband Jim at Plane Truth because random stuff is on his blog all the time and it should be a little more focused.

My Grandma at Pet Peeves and Other Ramblings because she can always use stuff to blog about and I love to learn random stuff about her.

Erin at Random Ramblings because I know that her list will be the most random that I have seen. (he he he the presure is on now)

And anyone else that reads my blog and has not participated in this tag yet. Please leave me a comment if you decide to participate and I will add your link to the list.


Great answers and thanks for playing along. I used to really hate these, but I thought I'd start playing along. Hearing the strange facts from people you are getting to know online is fun! I am curious to see what Jim will list as his. Why do I think that he might put more than 7 down?
Jimh. said…
Hmmm, more than 7? That would be difficult, since Cora is the totally random/strange one. I am perfectly normal.

Wish you liked eggs a bit more, Dear, you could make me an omelet!

I accept your challenge, by the way, even though it will be extremely difficult for me to make eight random things...
Great answers.
EGGS... no EGGS....
Love the fortune cookie thing.. that is great..
Hugs ..
Have a Great Evening..
Wonderful!! I have been tagged by another blogger friend but have not had time...I'll work on that this weekend! I love learning new things about my friends.
Grandma said…
My granddaughters have all the luck. Laura once won a 1000 dollars from a scratch ticket.

I am happy for you. Hope you come up with a cute slogan for the bracelet. I can't think of anything at all. The only slogan I can think of lately is "you can't have one without the other" and it belongs to Qwest.LOL

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