Today was just one of those days. It was one of those where you just wish you could crawl back into bed and stay all day because you just know tomorrow will be better. Nothing in particular happened I just was feeling down about many things that I don’t want to bore you with, I wrote an entire essay for later reflection and maybe someday I will publish it. It was probably because I am fighting a head cold and my brain is foggy. One of my favorite poems as a child, I loved poetry as a kid, was called “Tear Water Tea” and man I could have made some of that today, I could have supplied the whole office with tea for a week. So I stayed in my office with the door pushed shut most of the day.

This afternoon I went to the daily meeting and I forgot to shut my door when I came back. A guy that I work with brought me a ladybug. It was half dead but it was a ladybug. Now although I make no secret at work that we are adopting, I don’t think that anyone knows about ladybugs and adoption and I know for a fact this man does not. I am not sure what a half dead ladybug means? Maybe referrals coming but not very quickly or Referrals are on the way but you are officially half dead with this cold? Whatever it means it made me smile, which was not an easy task today.

The bug sat on my desk for a good 20 minutes and just as I was going to take the bug back outside, he gathered his strength and flew up to the ceiling. He is probably doomed now because I could not catch the little bugger to take him outside. But you never know he seemed like a survivor, I will look for him tomorrow. I hope he finds my plants and then I will return him to nature if I can.


Sorry you are feeling down.. I pretty much tried to keep myself in great spirits today or I would get myself in a down mode..
I am always here for you..
Just think of this... BB is on his way and you are getting close..
Try to think of all the great things you will be doing soon..
Jimh. said…
I am sorry it was not a gret day. I had some crazy caffiented kids going nuts today, if it makes you feel better. I am glad it got better. I love you loads!
Diana said…

Are male ladybugs still called ladybugs?
Erin said…
I was wearing lady bug socks today, seriously I was. They did not match at all what I was wearing. And someone was trying to sell a Lady Bug scrub top at work today..hmmm..I wonder....
Grandma said…
The friend bringing you the lady bug was no coincidence!Your guardian angel knew it would cheer you up. The friend didn't know he was assisting an angel. It also might very well be an omen for something wonderful. Put on your smiler and look up.
Grandma said…
Male Lady Bugs are called Gentleman Bugs. It's just a thought, but why not?

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