The Paper Mountain Climbing Report

We made it to the first peak last week. All of our documents have been collected and are currently being reviewed by our agency. Once they give us the all clear, we will be heading out on the next leg of our hike, where we will start the authentications process. We did receive news last week about the progress in Burundi. Referrals are still several weeks away which is a bit disheartening but progress is being made in Burundi so it is good news over all.

I wish that for just once in the adoption process something would come before it was expected. Everything is always delayed. I would like to hear someday (soon) something like “hey you better be ready you are getting a baby next week.” I hear stories like that but it will never happen to me. Don’t worry I am not depressed or upset about it, I just find it interesting. Planning takes on a whole new meaning when you wait for 8 years to be a parent. It will be so surreal when it actually happens I don’t know how I will respond, but I can not wait for that day to find out.


Jimh. said…
You are quite the "paper tiger!" And, yes, as a matter of fact something will happen before you expect it in the adoption process...paying for it!! I imagine it will be completely worth it, though! Love you!!!!
Paperwork is such a PAIN..
Glad you are all done..
Hope they call and say" baby is on it's way".. and they will when you least expect it..Have a Great Week.
Erin said…
In this world that almost everything is done on the internet, by fax or e-mail why the heck are they still using paper? Seems strange that people who do not deserve kids have them and those who deserve a family don't. Someday soon I will hear your puke and poop stories. :)

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