Since Halloween is coming and I got inspired by the interview post to let my readers know more about me I thought I would share more.

If you really know me then you know that I am terrified of spiders. They are after me, I know it! Irrational maybe, but all spiders are poisonous to some extent and I just can’t risk the ones that won’t bite me, because I know there are secret meetings they have about me and ways to get me. Also, I don’t discriminate I treat all spiders the same in the house (I don’t have as much of a problem with them outside) they need to be eliminated from the house. I also have a hard time killing spiders because what if I miss and they come after me, because I know they will. I would rather that they be captured and taken out doors to tell their buddies not to bite me but if they must be killed so be it.

I have a ton of super scary spider stories, like the time I had a wolf spider on my hand in the shower or the time I sat on the couch for hours with a can of Raid and a flash light pointed at the corner until Jim came home from work, but this one is not super scary just normal scary if you are terrified of spiders. I will have to tell you the others another time. Here were the events of last night.

Let me set the scene: Cora goes in to the master bathroom in our bedroom, Jim is in the living room on the laptop (probably blogging)

Cora: “Ahhhh AH AHHHHH AH AH” (translated: Jim get in here, a spider is about to kill me, he knows arachnophobia language)

Jim: runs to the bedroom

Cora: “Spider Toilet EEKKKK!!!” (Yes I talk like a 2 year old when spiders are involved)
Jim: “I’ll get it”
Cora: runs in a hysterical fit out of the room to stand on something, because somehow spiders can not get me if I am standing on a chair.
Jim: (from the bathroom) “Where is it?”
Cora: “It was on the seat” (OMG I could have sat on it!!!)
Jim: Thump, thump thump. “Its dead, you can come down now.”
Then there is the discussion of trust. I trust my husband completely on most items but for some reason I think he will try and deceive me about spiders. So we get into the “did you really kill it” conversation which usually ends by his saying “do you want me to show you the body?” Which I usually decline because, eww gross.

I know that I don’t always say how much I appreciate the people in my life. I appreciate my husband for putting up with my spider fear and never questioning his role as spider dispatcher in our household. I often wonder about how I will handle this fear as a parent if I am the only one around, I guess I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I know I will always have a bag packed for quick escape to Grandma's house. With my luck, my child will love spiders and want one as a pet. OH BOY that is never going to happen!


Okay.... I want to say that is FUNNY.
But it isn't.
I don't like spiders either.. but I can kill them..
Hugs girly.
I still love ya the same..lol..
Jimh. said…
I thought it was FREAKIN' HILARIOUS...t is funny how I understand your grunts, whistles, and screams! It also makes me feel more useful!!Love you!
Grandma said…
All this coming from a person that had a pet snake and a pet rabbit that liked to bite her. Afraid of a little bitty spider. Listen to me! Trying to sound so brave. I hate the little critters too. I just wish Jim would have gotten a picture of you on that chair.
Cora said…
Spiders have 8 legs, snakes have none, the more legs the scarier in my book.
Erin said…
OMG what about a centipede? They have anywhere from 15-191 pair of legs! (did my research)
Eric hates spiders too!
Jimh. said…
I was just thinking of the night we found that giant spider on the bed...and how you hovered briefly at the end of the hallway and then levitated down the hallway to the top of the chair yelling killitkillitkillitkillit!!!!
You've been tagged! See my blog!
mommy2gabby said…
This had me crying!!! I was laughing so hard!! That is just so funny. Spider's are not my favorite. If Brent is not home though I will squish them!

Have a great evening!

Thank you for your sweet post the other day! Yes, It has been a little rough around here lately. I go back tomorrow to take about the meds. The hardest part is she can't help her self. :(

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