I wrote this really long rambling post about toys and parenting. It was chocked full of advice and opinions but I have decided not to bore you with the whole thing. The decision not to post came from the fact that it was entirely too long and I am not a parent yet so what right do I have to give my opinions and advice. But I like the topic so I will give you the abbreviated version in a few bullets and besides a little unasked for advice won't kill you:

  • Elmo Live, Seriously! $60 for a toddler's toy that is, quite frankly, creepy; I don't think so.

  • Chicco’s Child First Radio Control Car – Very cool toy, Nephew seems to like it (sorry should have given it with a ton of batteries) and they also have a girls version. (I know I only paid $14.99 for this a year ago so either inflation has gotten it or it was on sale when I found it.)

  • Here is the parenting part. Don’t give your kids something in a store you know you are going to take away at the register. The kid notices and when he throws a fit and slows down the line the people behind you really wish you could have said no in the isle. And don't then tell the kid that is why he did not get the toy, You never intended to buy the toy!! (ok a little frustrated here, I really felt bad for the kid, I don't like being lied to either. I throw a fit when I am given something and then it is taken back with no explaination)

See that was not so bad. Anyone with young kids have a great toy that the little ones love and is not an outrageous assault to the pocketbook?


Jimh. said…
I was hppy to see he liked his toy, TOO!! And those people were...well...amazingly cruel.
Okay.. that is as bad as the other day when a little boy wanted ice cream out of the machine.. and instead of the father being a father he said.. No you can't have it.. like 20 times .. then the kid was throwing a fit and so he said..
Oh the machine is broken..
Okay.. why can't the father act like he is the father.. When a kid is told NO ..that means NO
Okay. love this post..
you dont have to be a parent to know the comman sense of things..
Hugs to you
Erin said…
Oh, yeah and I never did get that My Little Pony that I wanted back in 1985 and I was never told why either! My Mom is bad! ;) I liked the neighbor Mom better, when her kid was bad she tossed his toys in the trash.. ummmm JACKPOT for Erin! Let me know if you plan to do that one day "k". thanks
Diana and Dori said…
Legos & Lightsabers rule around here. But obviously that is for the older ones.

Let's love toy cameras, car keys, and things with balls.

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