Foto Friday (on Sunday)

OK this is a little late but hey at least it is here! This weeks theme is "what are you thankful for" well possibly the reason is that is so late is that I am thankful for so many things and so many people. So among the many things that I am thankful for are these gorgeous kids.

Our Munchkins.

My Niece and Nephews, they are awesome kids, we got to see them at the park this weekend and I ran through the jungle gym a bit with Emma and Eli. Next year I am sure David will be running around like a little Monkey too. We of course forgot the camera in the car but her are some older photos of the munchkins in our lives.

PS. I had a hard time choosing a picture of Emma because we seem to always find her in front of our camera and then immediately she says "Let me see" and we turn the camera around to show her. How did we ever live waiting for the film to be developed? I am also thankful for digital photography :0)


Jimh. said…
Yeah, our niece and nephews ARE cute! I can't wait till we have a cousin for them!

Oh, and I bet you are thankful that your audit is over! Remember the day of the first television transmission?
LOVE the pictures..
Looks like a WONDERFUL time.
Have a Great Week..
They are SOO cute! Thanks so much for participating in FFFF!
Grandma said…
They look like a happy little bunch. Your time is coming. Get rested up you'll need the energy.
Alyson and Ford said…
Cute is right!
Have a great week AND Happy Thanksgiving!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Ten Weeks!

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