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I have been trying to cut back on buying things for LM and BB. It is extremely difficult because I like to pass the time shopping although not knowing if BB is going to be a boy or a girl it makes shopping harder. However my weakness is books. These are some that I have accumulated in the few weeks.

There is a Gentleman that comes in to my office once in a while with Books are Fun and he leaves a wonderful assortment for us to look over and purchase. I almost always find a children’s book or 2 or 3. This time in addition to 2 great books I found this lullaby set. It has 4 CD’s and a lyrics book. I know I will be singing in my horribly off key lovely sing voice to our little ones. It will be nice to be able to look up the words instead of just singing “Lullaby and goodnight da da daaa da da da daaaaaa, huuuum huuum hum”, etc. Although I am an awesome hummer I think the words will be a great addition to bedtime.

I also needed a new cord for my Zune so when I went to Amazon to place the order I needed $5 more to get free shipping so what do I do I order Flotsam. It is a very cool picture book and when I say picture book I mean only pictures no words. It is awesome you do not need words to tell this story. The illustrations are amazing; you should check it out the next time you are in a book store.

I also made a decision on the bracelets that I won, but I will keep you in suspense until I get them but I think they will be great.

Hope every one is having a great Monday. I am still in high stress mode at work but no matter what happens it will all be over after next week.


mommy2gabby said…
Hi Friend,

I just love books! I think I might have to go find Flotsam. That just looks really cool!

Glad you are hanging in there too! It is so hard not to want to buy everything! I had stuff for a boy and a girl initially. I had more girl things and was able to give the boy items away at showers.

Happy Fall!
Jimh. said…
I have to admit, I can't tell you NO when you suggest buying a book. It's easy when you ask about clothes...eeewwww, yuck, clothes. A book? That's different!
I LOVE books.. Looks like you are getting a lot of books for the two little kiddo's..
Have a great week.
Those books look wonderful! Never heard of them!

I hope the crap at work clears up soon!
Grandma said…
You will never regret buying those books. The kids will love them.
Alyson & Ford said…
Love the books, and so many good ones!
Thanks for checking in on our blog. We still are not in a "routine" so I am hit or miss getting to all my bloggy friends.

Alyzabeth's Mommy for Eight Weeks!
angie said…
Flotsam is one of our favorites!! I am going to redo our laundry room & our theme is an underwater inspired by Flotsom! An amazing adventure in picture! We are book people, too! And when your little ones are too old for certain books, local and school libraries love the donations! Weekend is almost here...another week in "the big countdown!"
Michelle said…
I love children's books! You can never have enough!


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