I voted (well almost)

Guess what we are doing tonight. We are voting! I bet you are thrilled. Ok I am not that into voting like other people (civic duty, exercise your right, yadda, yadda) I get it but I don’t have to be super enthusiastic about it, that is also my right. I will be glad when this election is over. I am so tired of negative ads. I just wish that the candidates would talk about what they are planning to do not what their opponent is going to do or not do. I think it should be a requirement that their opponent approves the ads and that would keep everything on the up and up they would be forced to keep a positive spin on things instead of negative ones.

Another thing, I hate the media coverage, basically what they are saying is that if you live in any other state than Pennsylvania or Ohio, you don’t matter. Sorry Washingtonians we have already decided that you are Democrat, so it makes you doubt that your vote even counts. I vote anyway despite the media and I fight my urge to vote against their predictions just because they bug me, but rather vote who I would like to be in office even if my state votes the other way.

Ok this is my last gripe I swear. Electoral college how stupid is that. I mean talk about your vote not counting in the big picture. It is supposed to be what the people want so why do we have a system in which the person that wins the popular vote can not become president? I guess I should have listened more in political science (I got an A that means I learned something, right). Oh well, I just feel like us north westerners get the short end once and a while.

We had spaghetti for dinner it was yummy. We did not do much this weekend and no big plans for the rest of the week. Hopefully the next batch of referrals from China will be here this week I always love seeing the babies!

So off to the voting booth AKA the kitchen table. Oh Yeah, we vote by mail here and I have waited until the last possible minute to vote so I am pretty sure they will know who wins in WA before they even open my ballot. (thought I was done griping)


Okay.. fourth time..
Sorry to hear you are voting.. You know my thoughts on the whole voting thing..
Glad to hear you had a great relaxing weekend..
Hugs girly..
Erin said…
I am totally feeling ya on this one. Gore won the people's vote! Why vote at all? The only one that counts is the state election. How hard was it for those guys not running against anyone? I should have challenged at least one to make it a little bit more interesting for them. All they had to do was vote for themselves and they win, whoo hoo that was hard. :)
Grandma said…
I agree about the voting. I always do it, but I also wonder why.
Jimh. said…
I think we should all vote our uncle in to one of those offices where you can write one in...I did, you should too!!!!

I am 100% with you! The Electoral College kinda sucks...of course, so do Hanging Chads!
I know...but there are still lots of local elections going on that our votes do count.

I just drove by our polling place at 6:45am and the line was way out the door. Yikes!

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