Long long long long long long long long long long long long long week

If you think this is an over kill for a Tuesday you have not had the couple of days that I have. I am having an audit at work, a very important only every 2 years kind of an audit, make or break my job kind of an audit. I have given myself shingles over-thinking this and then I got the auditor from, well, the super dullest parts of the history channel boring, (if you like the history channel too bad, you’re a nerd, sorry Jim) bet you thought I was going to say hell. But, hey, hell would probably be a lot more exciting than this, all that fire and brimstone and crap, yeah sounds pretty animated, not this guy. He is about 127 years old (not really him in the picture sorry)and is retiring next week. He tells stories for half of the day that have absolutely nothing to do with the audit or anything that I find remotely interesting. He spoke for a solid 15 minutes today on his personal genealogy. What lead to this conversation might you ask? Well, that would have been the mention of St. Patrick’s Day being Irish, don’t ask, trust me, you don’t want to know. I think yesterday he spent an hour on how to spell Bioluminescence and whether it was a real word. I even looked it up in a 1965 copyright Webster’s dictionary, but that did not stop the inevitable rambling. I never thought in my lifetime I would utter the words “Can we please get back to the audit?”

I usually have trouble making small talk, I find it awkward, but I have found it a needed skill for these kinds of events, until now. I find myself biting my own tongue because I don’t want to encourage the geriatric man. Then lunch comes and I think, “Great! A time where he can get out his stories and then we can get to work!” But, NOOOOOOOOOO! He eats in silence. WHAT THE $&*@? I need help, this audit should be over tomorrow but instead it is going to last until Friday, OMG!! Why do I deserve this torture?

I hope that at least I am getting a good score, but it is so hard to tell because I am zoning out every 3 seconds. Even my boss says that this guy is going to drive us to drugs.

Then I get home and we find out that the referral we thought was going to be here in a couple of weeks may not happen yet. The Bishop’s plans fell through. What the heck does that mean? Where did they fall, I will give up on this audit to pick them up! Our director is trying to find out where the referrals are, but that does not give me much hope. In the mean time, I hope to survive the week and I really hope we hear better news about Burundi tomorrow. I could use something nice this week, I really, really could.

Hope everyone else is having a good week.


Jimh. said…
I hope tomorrow that old codger does not keep you glued to his every word like he did today. Really, you have to find other, more intersting, men to keep "on the side"...he he! They'll never match me!

Atleast you're closer to the end of the week then you were yesterdy!

Love you!!
I hope tomorrow brings good news also...
Sorry to hear about your auditor..
I know how they can be a PAIN IN THE A**
Hugs girly..
I am sorry you are dealing with the audit and bishop stuff!!! Hang in there!

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