I want a monster, not for LM or BB but for me (OK I might let them play with it once in a while). Yes I am crazy but I can't help it. Check out these cuties at! I need one for Christmas (Jim, I am talking to you) they are too huggable. You can win one over at The Mom Buzz.
I hope I win one!! Thanks Diana for the link I think I am addicted too web giveaways.

On that subject (addiction)I have a Diet Pepsi problem. I have seriously upped my intake since the whole stress at work thing began. I can down a couple of cans after lunch easily. The receptionist at work says it is going to kill me. I said "great that will be more interesting than alot of other deaths" I mean what do you say to that, she smoked for years I think that is alot worse that a few DP's when your stressed. Plus when she dies a ordinary death of lung cancer I am going to be laughing from the afterlife "I died of Diet Pepsi." No offence to anyone who has lung cancer, that is terrible, but I hate it when people tell you what you should do.

On that subject check out Kim's post today, all she did was buy a t-shirt. And I must say I think it is an adorable t-shirt. Oh well people just don't know when to keep thier mouth shut, I know I don't always, I just hope that I am able to see when I am being stupid and keep it to a minimum.

Hope everyone is having a good day and looking forward to the weekend. I know we are, Jefafa Dun-hammmm here we come.


Okay.. I put my name in for the drawing.. And I would love one too...(Jim are you And for Diet pepsi NO.. but Diet Mt.Dew... YES.. I have always had a problem..
Hugs girly..
And as for the shirt.. yours will be on it's way, when the bows get here.. just don't post
Jimh. said…
You might also be insulting some Diet Coke drinkers, you certainly don't want someone to post a comment saying you won't be a good parent because you drink the wrong carbonated sugar fluid.

Oh, and I don't we need a monster that badly? And if we do get one, would it do housework?
Jimh. said…
Let me correct that, Carbonated, caffeinated, non-sugar fluid.
Cora said…
Oh and yes we do need a monster and it will clean the house, about as good as we do. :0) thanks for correcting your description we would not want to offend anyone, LOL

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