More Than Words

Look what I got in the mail today!

I won these a little while back in a raffle on Ni Hao Y'all. It took me forever to decide what to put on them but as you can see I finally made up my mind and for many reasons it fits perfectly. They were made by Marty at MySilverPie and they turned out gorgeous. I love them they are so shiny that you can see the reflection of my fingers and Camera in the photo. I can't wait for the day when my daughter and I can wear them as a mother/daughter set.

We also went on a little treasure hunt today set up my Scott and Carrie. It was a lot of fun. We ended up at the playground by the school several times the first time we were there Jim asked me hey do you recognize that red head over there and sure enough it was Eli. He and Emma were running around the playground as kids tend to do. We were surprised to find them there but that was before we discovered that they has us coming back to that playground a few times so they were sure to catch us at least once.

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful day.


Jimh. said…
Lots of fun!! Gotta love tht GPS! I think those bracelets are cute. So are the niece and nepews, though.
Love the bracelets.... Can't wait to see them on you and Little Miss..
Sounds like a Great Day..
Have a Great Sunday..
Grandma said…
The bracelets are very dainty and pretty. I'll bet little miss will love wearing it.
Stefanie said…
Wow, they turned out beautifully! So glad you are happy with them :)

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