Toby Bradley

Ok Moxee is about the size of a dime, a don't blink you'll miss it kind of a town and it is not very often that any one really knows where we live. My parents showed this video of Toby Bradley, he is a local and he is almost to the finals of the CMT Music City Madness competition. Pretty cool huh? So please listen to his song and give him a vote if you don't mind. It would be really neat if he won.


WOW... do you personally know who he is???
Hope you are having a great day...
We got the living/dining room all moved and now we are getting ready to head to the shed for the Christmas stuff..
Talk to you later..
Love ya girly..
Jimh. said…
That is too cool...especially the footage of the Hops and in town here. Plus, for a country artist he isn't bad at all. I like his humor!

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