Twilight (or How Wal-Mart saves the Day)

Ok I have joined the masses. I hate to admit being a follower but I thought I would give the book a try after seeing it at Costco for only $6.something. I am a fan of young adult fiction just because it is usually a good quick read but I have resisted up until this weekend. With my work stuff in the past and a long weekend it was a great opportunity for a book to take me away from reality.
I devoured it in a matter of a couple of days, I am a convert. It was the great blend of the supernatural and a romance, ala young adult fiction. So I finished it about 8 pm tonight and it was a brief debate of whether I should wait until morning to get the second installment of the Saga or if I wanted to head out to the bookstore tonight? So after thinking about it for oh 30 seconds or so we decided to head out tonight. Hey, that is a luxury we need to take advantage of while we are still childless as is reading late into the night and early in the morning and in the middle of the day and pretty much whenever I want.

So out into the chilly night air we headed to our local Borders bookstore. We have so many in our town to choose from, NOT. We get there and they have stacks and stacks of the first, third and forth book, but not a single copy of the second book. You have got to be kidding me, right, I mean this is probably the most popular selling series in the nation right now, but no, not a one. So we headed across the parking lot to Shopko, they should have it right? NO.

Ok, Target has to have a copy. So we head out to the local Target store and I am confident that we will find a copy here. Target has everything, wrong! At this point I pretty much have given up, I can’t think of any other place that it open this late that sells books. I figure my last hope will be tomorrow I will call the locally owned bookstore in the area but I have less hope in that than my box store choices. On the way home we drive by Wal-Mart and I just knew that if all the other places in town are out they probably are too. But we walked into the store anyway, it was on the way and the parking lot was not full like it was earlier today so it wasn’t going to take too much time and like I had anything to rush home and read.

There it was in the book section that is so small I often forget that it is there. They had several copies obviously people on the quest for the second book in the Twilight Saga had like I figured that Wal-Mart was a lost hope but fear not shoppers occasionally Wal-Mart saves the day!

Now off to read, I’ll be back in a couple days unless I go looking for book three :0).


Have FUN..
Sounds like a Great Books...
Cheri and Shane said…
I have read the first book and am about halfway through the second book...they are SOOOO good!! I really did not expect to like them this much. Can't wait to read all of them!!

Happy Reading!! :)
Jimh. said…
I am just glad wefound it...finally! I can't imagine the amount of whining that would have been generated had we not! LOL!

It's always good to have a book in hand.
Kelly and Todd said…
I fell in love with these books also and found myself waiting in line at midnight when the last installment came out. The series has become one of my very favorites. Happy reading and enjoy!

-- kelly :-)
My nights of reading late into the night are gone. I do sneak a chapter or two in when Graeme is in bed and Lily is watching Drake and Josh. I loved the second book and am ready for the third. There is just something addicting about these books!
We were in Target yesterday.. and KyLee wants the series to read also..
Hope you are enjoying..
Katie D said…
Don't worry, Cora I am an addict too. I got Laura and Mom reading it now too. My friend made me read the first one since we were seeing the movie for her birthday and well those books are crack. Glad you are enjoying them too!

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