Clock, Duck, Ball

As I reflect on the past 12 months I realize that there are so many memories that have been created this year. The memories are happy, sad, funny, interesting, weird, wonderful and more. But what do I think of when I think about my memories from this year, clock, duck, ball.

Some of you may remember that Jim and I had to go through a Psych evaluation earlier this year as a part of our documentation to adopt from Burundi. He interviewed us and gave us a test to make sure we were fit to be parents. I was extremely nervous because I felt that everything hinged on this evaluation but now that I have perspective it was not that big of a deal (except to our pocketbooks). Anyway one of the tests he gave us was 3 words and we were supposed to remember them. The three words were clock, duck, ball. So I remember these words for the length of time that I thought was required and then the interview proceeded. I was not expecting the “Now, what were those three words I asked you to remember?” My answer was “Uh, I thought that part of the test was over?, Um… um… um… clock…. um…. ball…. um… I don’t know some kind of vehicle (I was thinking truck, it rhymes with duck)” He quickly informed me I was wrong and that a duck was not a vehicle. I was devastated I thought for sure my memory was not good enough to parent. Of course I will never forget clock, duck, ball. Sometimes I just say it out loud to prove to myself I can remember it, (glad I did not give the doctor my blog address) It never showed up in my report so apparently he either realized that I was nervous or it is not that big of a deal to forget the duck.

If I ever have to meet with this doctor again you can bet that some of the first words out of my mouth will be “clock, duck, ball” Then he will really commit me.


QUACK ,,,, oh I mean Crack me up...
That is too funny..
It is amazing how you tend to remember things that probably are not a big deal.. but were at the time..
Hugs girly..
Have a Great Evening..
Jimh. said…
well, technically, there is a duck that is a vehicle: the DUKW was an amphibious vehicle in WWII! So, echnically the old psycho was wrong!

I love you!
E said…
I had one of those tests before and I think I said oh something like fish, cat, and Hypoglycemia. And my words were like orange, apple and ball. lol, you did alot better than me!
I already forgot the 3 words! LOL!

(I cracked and brought my laptop with us!)
Grandma said…
The harder I try to remember something the farther it gets away from me. I would have failed the test for sure.

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