Famous Granny

You may now know me as the Granddaughter of the Famous Bloggin' Granny. My Grandma was recognised in the local paper today. You must check out the story here and her blog here, they even quoted me. She is a pretty amazing grandma, she had a computer before I did and her having a blog just seems natural for her. I am happy that others are enjoying her blog as much as we do. Keep on blogging Granny and we will keep on reading.


How neat...
Your grandmother is sure amazing..
Hugs girly..
Jimh. said…
Heck yes! Grandma is AWESOME!! And so is Cora!
E said…
I love reading her blog. (oh and yours) I hope everyone else finally realizes it now too that your grandma rocks. (and you) :) Runs in the family ya know!
Bravo Granny! We love your blog!
Wendy said…
Your grandmother rocks!!!
Grandma said…
Thank you everybody. I am loving my 15 minutes of fame.
Anonymous said…
I love your Grandmother! Her blog is awesome!
There is a blog award for you at my Custom Blog Designs blog. (if you want to do it!)
Eli's Lids said…
I went to your grandma's blog.
Too funny!!

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