The Great White Christmas Tree Hunt

Well we packed up our snow boots and snow pants and donned several layers of warm clothing; We gathered an extra set of clothing so that we could change out of our wet layers when we were ready to leave; We got towels to dry the Dogs with and put in a sweater for Toby; Jim loaded but a shovel and a chain incase we happened to get stuck some where; We were ready for the snow! We headed off, stopped for gas and sandwiches for lunch and the to the ranger station for a Christmas tree permit. Then it was into the mountians for our adventure.

We kept driving and driving and driving looking for the snow but we got to the top where the pavement ends and no snow. Oh well we were able to get further than we ever have before in the winter. We had a great time. To be honest I did not expect much snow this year but I was hoping. We got up there about 12 and had a tree by 2.

The dogs had a blast. Since there was no snow there was also not many people so they were able to run free. We never even put leashes on them.

And what everyone is waiting for pictures. There was some camera issues I think a setting was off be they turned out pretty good. Check out Jim's blog for more.

Inside Joke. Jim is famous in my family for his puddle adventure!

I can't beleive the Dogs cooperated for this.

Our Tree and Jim looking like a German soldier, not sure what that was for.

At least he stopped before we drove through this, Yikes!

Jim's luck with the Dogs was not the same as mine.


Jimh. said…
I had such a fun time! Thanks for making me go! You are always such a good model, why did you keep the camera from me?
Love the pictures..
Looks like you had a lot of fun..
The fur-babies crack me up..
Can't wait to see the tree all decorated..
Have a RELAXING evening..
Grandma said…
Do you have a hired photographer that goes everywhere with you??? I realize you can take a picture of him and he can take a picture of you, but who snaps those duel shots. Oh! I just had a lightbulb moment. Mr. Tripod goes with you. I forgot

I loved the pictures.
What a wonderful day! I used to go cut down a tree every year with my Dad. We always took the dogs and Dad always wanted to cut the tree that was the first one "blessed" by the dogs "attention". These pictures reminded me of some strange but fun times with my Dad.

Looks like fun especially since I wreastled with a prelit tree that did not light for the majority of the day. It's up and done now. I'm heading to your honey's blog to see the rest of the pics! Can't wait to see what it looks like decorated.

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