Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Emily and Molly!

Happy Birthday girls! I love you guys. It is amazing how your friendship has grown over the years. It went from "Yucky" in the beginning to tolerant when you were toddlers to annoying when I was a teen to Wonderful sisters and Friends. I think this might be the first time that we have not all be together on this day but we will have our time on Friday and I can't wait.

Hope you are OK with the pictures if not I have 2 days to live. I'll send a prize to anyone who can tell them apart in the first picture.


Grandma said...

Yes, It's true. I remeber the day they were born and somebody asked you if you wanted to go with them to the hospital and see your new sisters. You said, "No, I already saw them and besides they are Yucky". How funny,I guess I will never forget it.


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