Party Time!

Well this week I will be able to enter the Foto Friday. The theme was party time and as it happens we have a nephew that turns 3 tomorrow. We went to a small family gathering to celebrate. It was alot of fun. Eli was super excited that it was his birthday. First he had a "Geocache" that Grandpa and Grandma set up. He was so excited to follow his "GBS" (gps). After lunch he got to open his gifts it was so sweet he was thanking everyone before he even had the package completely opened. After opening one gift and exclaiming "Oh Thank You!" his mom asked him what it was and he very excitedly said "I don't know!" and then when she asked who it was from in the same excited way and with eyes as big as saucers he said "I don't know!" It was just too sweet. Then when he found out what was in the package it was even more fun. Jim and I got him Hot Wheels, they were all rescue vehicles, and an outfit. They were a hit as all of his gifts were except the clothes but that was appreciated by Mom and Dad, as was expected. Back to the Hot Wheels, he is such a boy he started making all the sounds and was excited he got a "fire ens" (fire engine). His big gift was a bike that he had to "geocache" to find. All in all it was a good party. So here are the pictures which is what everyone wants to see anyway.

Just to prove the other munchkins were in attendance.


Jimh. said…
Love your choices! It was tons of fun!!
Grandma said…
Those pictures are adorable.
LOVE the pictures...
Looks like he LOVED his party..
Have a Great Sunday..
carrie said…
Oh yes he loved it an I am truly glad. The clothes by the way are a big hit this morning!!! Thank you.
Perfect timing on the theme! Looks like he had a great time. What a cute little geocacher. I love it~ GBS!!

Thanks for participating!!

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