Sigh, Breathe, Dive Back In and a Photo Tag.

Ok I finished New Moon. It was awesome! So far I like Twilight better but it was still good. If you have not read these books you should, well I don't think you will come out any wiser from reading them but you will love them at least if you are a girl.

I picked up book 3 tonight and I am already 2 chapters in, it will probably take me more than 2 days to read it because I have to go to work. Unless I could call in and say that I am mesmerized by a Vampire and could not possibly work. Do you think my boss would buy it? Hey it is worth a try.

So while I was enthralled in my books I was tagged by Margaret Miracle at Journey to Baby Miracle for a photo tag. I am to post the forth photo in the forth folder that I have. So here it is.

Yep that is right it is Toby's Butt, the cutest little puppy behind that I have ever seen. Ok we are a bit obsessive with our Toby Muffin! Did I mention that he has a few nick names someday I will have to tell you all about them. For now just enjoy the veiw, he he.

Then I am supposed to tag other people so tag your it.
Jimh @ Planetruth
Kim @ Journey to Isabella
Grandma @ Pet Peeves and other Ramblings
Diana @ Diana's Daily Ramblings
Have fun and no cheating!


Jimh. said…
Love the picture! Lucky that, because the next one was of MY bum, since Toby and I were comparing that night.

I am glad you got your book! Love you!
Cora said…
Shut up! I would have deleted that one, LOL.
Okay.. Jim you are tooo funny...
I am glad it wasn't the next
Glad you are liking your books..
Enjoy.. I will post my picture in a few days.. have some post scheduled..
Miss ya..
Jimh. said…
I thought you took a few of those, why delete? LOL!
Ewwww!!! I would NOT want to see that. Of course you'd have to put some kind of disclaimer on this blog then!

OK...I've got to play along.
Lisa Cairney said…
OH NO! I jsut left you the longest comment EVER, Cora, and now it didn't go through for some crazy reason. Well, suffice it to say that I just finished New Moon too and am totally HOOKED! Glad to see I've got a pal out there that is also a fan and over the age of 14. Loved Toby's pic, by the way.
Cora, Love the pic of Toby's bootie. I laughed out loud when I saw and then Jim's that would have been a picture. I too am vampire obsessed...have read books 1 and 2 and am making myself wait on 3 and 4 (hoping Wes and the kids will get them for me for Christmas) Let me know what you think of the third book! Enjoy!

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