This is how many days that were referred by the CCAA for this month. They have averaged this many days a month since our log in date. This is how many more years we will have to wait for our daughter if it continues to move at the same rate. Of course we hope for a speed up and that is what is keeping us going. I guess if they start processing whole months at a time we are only 13 months away but I don't really see that kind of speed up happening that quickly.

I really can't imagine it taking that long so I continue to hope that each month the wait shortens and we are closer to our daughter.

As for our climb up the paperwork mountain to Burundi. We seem to be facing a cliff wall with no tools to climb it right now. We sent our guide to REI for the proper equipment and apparently the nearest one is in Kenya and he must have taken a tortoise, so we wait not so patiently for the next step. We hope to get some more information in January.

It means facing another Christmas not knowing what is going to happen. Will this be the last Christmas without children or will it just be another Christmas in the long long long wait?


You are in my thoughts and prayers. I really thought there would be a speed up after the olympics. This is unbelievable and there are just no words!!! HUGS..that's all I can offer!
Glad they did at least 6... You know my prediction..
and I am sticking to it..
BB will be here by next Christmas for SURE..
Love ya girly..
I should be posting mine tomorrow..
A little behind..
Jimh. said…
Maybe our guide decided to get there by way of the North Pole; you know how Tortoises are in the cold.
Grandma said…
This is just plain sad. I can't believe it. They say there is a reason for everything. I sure hope it's a good one.
Christie said…
Ok, well I have so many thoughts that came to mind - but I'll stick with some simple ones.

1. I can't believe the hoops you've had to jump through for both adoptions. I know it's hard. I do.

2. I have to believe this wait will climb back down. Sigh.

3. Last Christmas, our paperwork was at a standstill and had not made it to Ethiopia, and we did not know our son had been born. This Christmas, we've been with him for seven months - he's a joy and delight, and we're not celebrating another Christmas without him. Keep hoping - keep believing...

You must not give up - it's essential to this arduous journey we're on. It will happen!!

Hug xo
Just don't jump from that cliff!! Hang in there!

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