Sunday Sunday

Not much today just recovering from our adventure yesterday, cleaning, some Christmas shopping and some decorating.

I think the Toby slept all day.

Here are are few pictures of our decorating, we got the tree in but not decorated yet. We ran into a light snag. All of our tree lights are on our fake tree that we are not using, so do we buy more or take the lights off the other tree? We will have to decide soon so I can get the ornaments up, I can't wait much longer.


Jimh. said…
Yeah, yesterday's antics have worn on me, too. I actually enjoyed decorating once we stopped cleaning! I love you!
Sounds like a Great Day..
Love the snowmen on the tv...
And the little tree is tooo cute..
I would just go get new lights..
Love ya girly..
Faye said…
Hello! Beautiful decorations! I see you are with AAO... we're an AAO family too! Come check out our blog. Happy Holidays!
You don't look as thrilled as Jim does about decorating! LOL!
E said…
Sorry for any misunderstanding. I am a jerk. :(

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