Taking a Break From the Reading

I decided that I need a break from the Twilight Books, so I called up Jim and begged him to take me to a Movie. I bet you can't guess what we saw :0) Yep that is right I somehow convinced Jim that the movie was all about Vampires and there was blood and stuff so he agreed. I think he secretly knew what it was about but that is Ok, it was the effort that counted. So since we have no kids and can have a weeknight date we headed off to see Twilight.

I think that we both enjoyed the movie, well I know that I did. As I expected it was not as good as the book and there were a few plot changed but nothing that could not be overlooked. I tend to find myself a more forgiving movie goer than some. I realise that most books were not written to be movies so when they are made into movies something is lost. I think that is Ok because it gives me a reason to read the book. But I am also of the mind that thinks sometimes a movie can enhance the book reading experience, I think this one did a pretty good job. And if nothing else I am sure happy that they found some very attractive people to entertain me for a couple hours.

Back to reading book 3 now, he he, I did not say my break was going to be long.

One thing I do no for sure is I have the greatest husband ever, Thanks Jim for indulging my minor obsession.


Jimh. said…
I thought the movie was ok. I am not as forgiving of movies...I need only point out the Harry Potter series of books and movies.

Hmmm, I didn't know you thught Alice was attractive, too!

It ws great to get out for part of the evening! I always love spending time with you!! Even if it is to watch a chick flick.
I am glad you are almost done with these books..
I am starting to miss ya..
Glad you had fun..
Alyson and Ford said…
I haven't made the time to read a book in so long.... (audio books for me.... With an hour's drive to work each way, I can listen to a book a week!).

Alyzabeth's Mommy of Ten Weeks!

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