21 Months

We have now been waiting 21 months since our LID in China. The wait continues to get longer but on the bright side the last 3 batches of referrals have come closer together, that is probably because of Chinese New Year but hey I will take any positive spin I can.

As for Burundi, there has been a little action although I would not call it movement. I don't think we will hear any more news for another 3-4 weeks, but you never know.

I still think that this will be our year, the Year of the Ox is bound to be good luck for us.


Happy 21 months girly..
We are getting there... slowly but surely...
I feel the Ox is the year also.. but it never hurts to HOPE..
You will see BB this year for sure..
Love ya my dear friend..
Wendy said…
Happy 21 months Cora! I hope this is your year!
Amy said…
Praying this is your year, Cora! Believing this Year of the Ox will hold multiple treasures for you.

I love this picture of you and Jim. :)
Jimh. said…
I love the fact that our own photographer hovers around us taking good pictures...too bd it is always from the shoulders up and you cannot always see the background!

Love the page and I love you, too!
Another step closer! Yahoo!!!
Another month BEHIND you! Love your scrap page!!

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