Bow Swap Part II

I got a second package from Jody today for the bow swap (she had told me they were coming separately). I love getting packages I just hope that the ones I ordered come soon so I can send them out next week. Jody found some really cute little clips, thanks so much, the Zebra is too cute and the ice cream one will always remind me of her. Check out her blog to see why.

I should be packing right now. We are leaving for the weekend tomorrow after work. Jim is dragging me to the Decommissioning of the USS Kitty Hawk, I am sure it will be most boring but I should survive. Plus Jim has promised me a stop at the Gymboree outlet and stop at Krispy Kremes, so I do have something to live for!! I am not sure if I will be able to post until I get but I am sure Jim will take a million photos. So there will be plenty of blogging fun next week!

Have a great weekend everyone,


Those clippies are TOOOO CUTE...
Love them..
And have FUN this weekend..
TO bad I am not going with you.. we could have some major fun at the outlet.. I have never been in a Gymboree outlet...
Have a great evening..
Jimh. said…
I don't know if I like you getting packages...somehow I end up with odd pictures of me in weird places!(thanks Diana)

I like getting packages, too, but no one sends me anything but bows...(thanks Diana)

Where are my airplane parts?
OMG...those are super cute clippies!

Cora...I hope you survive the weekend. I'd take a few good novels and try to find some other bored wives to go out to eat with!!

Where is your award, Jim???
I gave you an award..
Stop by..hope you are having fun SHOPPING...
Love ya girly..

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