Bow Swap

Kim sponsored a Bow swap a couple weeks ago and I can not resist a good swap so I signed up. I am still waiting for my bows and clips to come in so I can sent to my partners. I got a great package from Diana yesterday.

She even remembered Jim and he will wear his clippies proudly, he he he.

They are all so cute, the penguin will go great with the outfit I got a couple weeks ago.

I can't wait to get all the ones I ordered in and send them off. Most of the fun of these exchanges is finding something special for the people I am matched with. I really hope they like what I found.

To night I got home and I got a great package from Jody my other match. So so cute, I love the wild zebra print and the other is in some of my favorite colors.
Oh and sorry for the bad photos, I was having issues and decided it was not worth fighting.
Thank you to both Diana and Jody, the bows and clips are great!


LOVE the clippies..
Can't wait to see the ones you ordered...
Have a great evening..
Yea.. Thanks Jim.. I was first because you are cooking for your sweet wife...just remember "DON"T USE THE KNIVES"
OOPS...spelled that wrong..LOL...KNIFES
Grandma Blog said…
I'm still laughing at the picture of Jim. He is so cute, bows and all.
Jimh. said…
Hmmmm...I think she photo-shopped those onto my picture. I deny that I ever wore bows!!!! (CORA!I thought you werent going to put those on the blog!) Nope, they never happened.
sweet momma said…
I am so glad you like the bows! The clips are really cute too!

What a hoot to see Jim with the clips on!!

Amy said…
The clips are all so cute, Cora. What fun! And Jim, I think your little girl(s)'s going to have you wrapped around her little finger! What a trooper!
sweet momma said…
Hello again,
Just wanted to let you know that I mailed off your recipe today. So, hopefully you will be receiving 2 more little packages from me.

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