Cold and Foggy

Welcome to the Northwest. Where it is cold, foggy and down right gloomy. I love the winter, I love snow and ice and even the cold but I hate the fog. I have been consciously trying to appreciate every day including the weather. I truly think that each day is a gift and we need to see the opportunities in each day but the fog is putting a damper on my attempted brightness. It just hangs around like an unwanted guest sucking the life out of my day. You can't see anything it is just gray everywhere. So I am in a funk and I hope that it either snows or the sun comes out soon I can't stand this in between land.

Ok you have all heard this before so stop reading if you don't want to read the following pity party.

It is kind of ironic that the weather seems to be mimicking my feelings about the adoption right now. I am in a fog and a gloom about our Burundi adoption. I get this way sometimes and tomorrow I will probably be all hopeful and optimistic again and I probably won't blog about that for reason unknown to me. I think it comes from a lack of control and don't anyone tell me that I would have more control over a domestic adoption that is a load of crap. I just in general feel like the fog, cold, damp and with limited visibility.

I need to just take it one day at time and remember Annie's famous words "the sun will come out tomorrow" I know I will be in a good mood by Saturday, it is my favorite Niece's 5th Birthday (ok, she is my only niece). I know she will be excited, having to wait through both brother's birthdays and Christmas, this will be her special day to share with family. So you know what is coming Saturday night or Sunday pictures of sheer cuteness!


Jimh. said…
Yeah, the weather is really getting gloomy. Yesterday, we at least had some sunlight for awhile.

And not knowing what is going on is hard.

I love you!
(((HUGS))) hang in there!

Bet your bottom dollar!!
Grandma said…
It is snowing over by Regional hsp now. I don't see anything here.
I hate fog too.
"BIG HUGS"....
I love ya girly..
And you will have BB here soon..
He has to get ready for LM..
and be the best BIG BROTHER around..
I think this month is going to be the start of something good in the adoption world..
Love ya girly..
mommy2gabby said…
I am so glad that I am not the only one affected by the weather! IT just really zaps your mood and energy level.

I am already trying to plan a trip next month to go somewhere sunny! I can't stand this anymore.

Your right the sun will come out tomorrow and you (and I ) will be just fine.

I give up ever on the whole adoption thing every other day....

Go figure!

Big hugs,
Alyson and Ford said…
Hoping you have plenty of sun and fun soon! The wait is long; gives you so much time to live and plan. Keep the faith!

Alyzabeth's Mommy for FOUR Months!

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