Emma's Birthday party

Emma's Birthday was Saturday and we went to her party but I have been too lazy and I am just getting around to posting. So without much further ado Emma turns 5 in pictures.

me and the boys, well one boy and one ferocious lion

Party Girl

Balloon drop!!!

Wow, my sister's new toys sure look fun.

The new dress passes the twirl test
What was in the closet?! A New Bike!

Ready to Ride

Here Emma I will show you how it is done.

And last but not least party games and Jim looking Oh So Fine, he he.


Jimh. said…
Thanks for the video...ummmm...maybe there was one where I looked a bit more...err...tough? Mean? Hmmm, thanks!

Love my Niece and Nephews! They are the cutest! It was fun!
Great photos..
Love Emma's little dress...
And I would have to say that is a really nice video of Jim..
Great job Jim..
Have a great evening..
amy said…
Love the pics!!
The party looks like it was great, but the video of Jim is very scarey!! I hope I can sleep tonight!
Eric said…
Oh Good Lord! I don't feel so bad about my sailboat video.
Grandma said…
You just wait another five years and you won't be able to do that anymore. I used to stand on my head and do cartwheels.
Now I can't even walk, well just barely.
mommy2gabby said…
To fun! Glad she had a fun BD!
Okay Jim that is a hoot.

I am giving you an award on my Jody's Cottage blog!
:) Jody
Stop by my award .. I gave you an award..
Hope you had a great day..
Amy said…
tehehe...Oh, Cora, you've got your hands full with that Jim of yours! :)

What a beautiful birthday girl! And how blessed she is to have such a doting aunt and uncle. (Yep. Does the heart good!)

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