Happy Chinese New Year 2009

We are not doing anything special except maybe having some Chinese food for Dinner. Kiki's if we can swing it otherwise it will be Panda Express or Mongolian BBQ or better yet we might cook. I hope that the year of the Ox brings us so much closer to our Little Miss. I got a couple Year of the Ox Stamp sheets to put away for Little Miss and a few to use last week, but other than that there is not much different here. Oh yeah I am not cleaning my house today I hear it is bad luck do you think they could make that a rule everyday?!

Have a great day, I wish everyone a wonderful and properous new year.

PS I posted a few of my latest projects to my Little Miss Blankets blog if you are interested.
*image from USPS website


Happy CNY..
Sounds like our day..
not to much going on...
As for the cleaning..
Well I did most of it yesterday...
And I vac. every day.. have too..
So that is not cleaning..lol..
Have a great day..
Jimh. said…
Happy New Year! Sounds like a good plan! Hope work treats us as well!
Grandma Blog said…
I received your Happy Chinese New Year card! Thank you and Happy Chinese New Year to you!!!
Cheri and Shane said…
Happy Chinese New Year!! :)

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