Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that 2008 was not too bad to you but I hope that 2009 will be better. I am not making any resolutions. It is not my thing. I do have hopes and dreams for the new year but I am just going to continue living my life as best as can and not make any unrealistic promises. I hope to be healthier in 2009 although 2008 was much better than 2007. I hope to travel to a far away place in 2009. I hope to make new friends in 2009 and I have a feeling they will be online friends since I don't get out of my circle too much but that is fine. I have met some great people that way. So I have many hopes and a few dreams for 2009 but no unrealistic goals.

Have a fun and safe new year everyone!


Happy New Years to you both. Wishing you all things good in 2009!
Happy New Year girly..
SOOOOO Glad to have met you..
I will meet BB this year.
Happy New Year....new friend of 2008!
Amy said…
I love your philosophy on resolutions, Cora. And I am so happy we "met" in 2008. All best wishes for 2009! Love, Amy
Grandma said…
This will be your year. I am rooting for the little one that is coming your way.
Anonymous said…
Happy New Year! Glad we met though the world of blogging! I, too, hope for faraway travels!
Jimh. said…
Wasn't a bad New Year's Eve! Of course, everyday is good when it's spent with you!

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