listening too much

Ok, I have been listening too much to Evanesance and I need to wake back up. I have had a rough week and in the famous words of Forest Gump, "that's all I am gonna to say about that." I have lots to post about: 21 months LID tomorrow, blog awards, and Chinese new year on Monday. Although, it does look to be an uneventful weekend and I am thankful for that.

Ok, so what has happened in the past week? Too much to even talk about and more than I want to talk about, but I am back in cyber land. One thing that happened is that the CCAA has referred babies again! Only 2 days, but after almost 21 months of waiting I am fine with 2 days; at least it is progress in a forward direction, plus I have no energy to expend on something I can't change. They will speed up when they can and I will be here waiting. For those counting, 419 LID before us!!!

My neice called me yesterday. It was the sweetest call I got all week. I answered the phone and I heard the tiniest "Thank you." I had to ask if this was Emma because she is not this quiet in person. I sent her some hair pretties that did not arrive in time for her birthday. I could hear Eli in the background, he seemed just as excited to be calling Aunt Cora, I should have talked to him, too, but I was at work and forgot to ask. Oh well, next time?!

Well it seems that I may have worried a few of my lovely followers, but fear not, I am feeling better and will be better this week. I hope you enjoy the posts to come. Have a great weekend everyone, and thanks for your support; sometimes you don't realize how much you make a difference, but just asking makes me feel a little better.


Amy said…
Okay. First Lisa had to tell me who Tobey Maguire (sp?) is, and now I'm reading about Evanesance. I am SO CLUELESS. Is this something I should know about? Am I missing out? Are you THAT much younger than I am, or am I just painfully out of the loop? Lisa promised me a pop culture makeover. Will you help, Cora?!

Hang in there. You are getting closer by the day! Those precious babies will be in your arms and this wait will be a distant memory.

Love, Amy
E said…
I LOVE Evanesance! I like the song Amy Lee sings with Seether. I just downloaded that one to my I-Pod. I pawned all my CD's for cash one summer in Oklahoma and kept 2. Evanesance and Sara Maclaughlin. Now all I do is go to the apple store and get what I want. My have things changed.
I am soooooo glad you are back..
Missed you bunches..
but understand..
Have a great weekend..
I will be waiting for your WONDERFUL post..
Love ya girly..
Jimh. said…
I am mad at you for getting those dumb songs stuck in my head.

We DO have a sweet, loveable, adorable niece! and a couple handsome, charming, and just downright awesome nephews.

love you!
Margaret M said…
I hope you have a wonderful, restful weekend. I understand about difficult weeks. I have had a rough start to the new year but things are gradually improving. Get a good book and settle in for some you time! Hugs!
Glad you are back! (((HUGS)))
Michelle said…
You should be getting an invitation in the mail to our Asian (Chinese and Korean) New year celebration next weekend. I usually have been coordinating everything for the group I started, but this wonderful lady who has a child from China and Korea volunteered this time, and it should be fun! She has done it before, lots of food and festivities!

Congrats on your 21 mo. LID! I used to have a different blog that I used to post on during our wait and I know how hard it was!
Take care!
mommy2gabby said…
Hi Cora,
Glad you are okay. I know how hard it is. My emotions are all over the place. My girlfriend E who dropped out of AAO China program just adopted a little boy domestically. I am so happy for her but it has been extremely hard on me. We knew one of us would be first but it is still difficult ....

Life goes on and we know our daughter is waiting for us somewhere!


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