Ok this weeks FFFF (Family Fun Foto Friday for you mom) is all about me. So some about random things about me.

I grew up in a small town and I never thought I would live there as an adult but guess what I live about 5 blocks from my family.

I graduated from High School and Community College with in 5 days of each other.

I meet Jim when I was 17 and that was one of the first things I told him because I knew he thought I was older and I did not want it to be awkward when he finally found out.

I have a degree in micro Biology

I have worked at the same place for almost 10 years

I moved to California for work and lived there almost 3 years, I am so happy to be back home.

I could not survive with out DVR.

I have a secret Twilight Gossip Friend. You know who you are!

My first car is the same age as me and I still have it although I need to sell it, no good reason to have more than 2 cars :0(

I hope that is enough about me to keep ya going for a bit. Enjoy the photos in no particular order.

Jim and I one of the first pictures

Love this picture, I think I got my addiction to buying the same clothes in many colors early, I had this same outfit in pink.

Skinny at the beach (will that ever happen again?)

Wasn't I a cute 3 year old

Braces, hot pink and permed hair must be the 80's?

At the SF zoo outside the tiger grotto (notice I was smart enough not to be throwing rocks)

me and Toby


Jimh. said…
Personally, and I know I have no bias, I think you are pretty in EVERY picture!
Jim is sooo sweet..
Love the pictures..
And I think that is some good info.....
Have a Great Evening..
mommy2gabby said…
I liked finding more out about you!
Kudo's to hubby for saying such nice things. The pictures are adorable. I especially like the matching outfit and having another in another color. Sounds like me!!

FFFF? who started this it sounds like fun.

Seriously if you guys come next year to Seattle to see the Nutcracker we would love to see ya!

:) jody
Grandma said…
I am glad I can say I knew you when each picture was taken. I have some of the same ones.
Heather said…
Love the FFFF idea. Never know, you might just see it on my blog one of these days.
Amy said…
Cora these pictures are ALL so great! OMGosh, how cool to see the one of you and Jim!

I love the idea of FFFF (and I am SO glad I didn't have to ask what it means. I was working on screwing up the courage to do that since I saw it mentioned on your blog before. I'm so not blog acronym savvy!) Thanks for sharing! That WAS fun! Love, Amy
onangelwings said…
Cora, I love this little trip through your pictures.

That teenage picture at the top is too cute. You both look like you are having a great time.

Love the 80's photo too...we all have them.

Nice to meet you.
E said…
I am so glad you fell for Jim. (Or that he clubbed you over the head) He did deserve the best and found it. :) Now you get to club him over the head. Skinny days? Where have they gone? I think I left mine in my 20's. My niece agreed to get me all the gossip on Twilight!

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