More Cocobonbons

Ok I caved and bought some clothes at the latest cocobonbon sale. I know, I don't know if BB will be a boy or not but my Sister in Law might be crossing her fingers for a girl because if BB is a girl guess what David is getting for Christmas next year. So that kind of evens out the Kim Karma of hoping for a boy, Ha Kim I got ya there. Either way I know both will be gushing when we finally see that little ones face.

Ok I need to learn a bit about making collages and not making them tiny.


And BB Is going to be a BOY so BB and LM will look DARLING in these adorable little outfits..
Have a GreatDay..
Jimh. said…
Yep, those are cute, but think of how many books you could have bought me with that money! Oh, the humanity!
OK...I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lion!!! The mittens are the CUTEST! Don't you love this stuff? Quality is great and it washes well!
Oh, tell Jim to zip it! It's NOT ALL ABOUT HIM!

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