New Toy

Although my last post qualified for the FFFF this week I thought I would post the other picture that I took last night.

Toby loves new toy, sometimes he loves them to death almost immediately and others he love a bit more gently. I found this little deer on sale after Christmas and he was being so cute with his head laying gently on it but then I went to get the camera and I could have got the shot but there was no memory card in it. Lesson to Jim I am not going to be as forgiving when you don't put the memory card back in the camera if I miss a perfect shot of our kids. But I did get one picture before he got up and started throw it around.


Jimh. said…
I promise to try to remember to put the card back in the Camera...but, honestly, he is cue several times a day...all you have to do is wait long enough...OH, LOOK, He's being cute again!
Jimh. said…
Oh, and Kim...I was FIRST!!
Anonymous said…
You guys are funny! The dog is beautiful!
LOVE the toy.. Nakita likes to tear all the toys apart..
Toby is tooo cute..

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