New Year New Bargains!

We started the new year off kind of slow but that was great! After we got going we headed to town, I wanted new Christmas boxes in the spirit of consolidating and reorganizing. I am not sure how much of that was accomplished but they are now all red and green which should make them easier to find in our disaster of a shed.

Shopping was great today no one was out. It was a nice change from the over crowded stores of last year (he he, last year like it was so long ago.) We ended up at Borders, I know they don't carry totes but we went to avoid going home and organize just look around. But how could I pass up such great bargains. I found these children's books for only $3.99, no I am not kidding $3.99.
I even left the price tag on one so you would know that I was not starting out the new year with a big fib. I love all these titles I was so excited to get such a deal.

I also needed a daily calendar since I did not get one for Christmas and they were 50% off so I got a Kirigami one. I love to have a daily calendar on my desk at work. In the past I have had Far Side cartoons, Origami, Tangrams, and last year learn Chinese. I laughed at all the Far Side Jokes, I made a little origami, always did my Tangram puzzle and I can not speak Chinese. I figure 3 out of 4 isn't that bad, but I steered clear of the learn French calendar. This is what I made today.

This will be a fun distraction thing to get my brain started every morning.

Hope you all had a great New Years Day it is always good to start the year off right.


LOVE the books..
Twinkle toes is good..
But you got great bargains...
I might have to go over there.
Great shopping..
Jimh. said…
Hey! We hadn't been to the book store since LAST YEAR! We HAD to go.
Great finds! Fit's today's FFFF! Go pop this into Mr. Linky!!!
Anonymous said…
Love the books and great job on the "flower thingy!" LOL
Grandma said…
I have a feeling there are some good bargains in all the stores, but the streets are terrible.
Colleen said…
Great books! My daughter has a few of those. Happy New Year! Good post for FFFF

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