Random Stuff and a Bit of an Update

Well, I decided to start the year off right, by getting sick. I have had some sort of stomach bug the last few days and I stayed home in bed yesterday. We missed David’s Birthday party but I did not think that he would appreciate the stomach flu as a gift. I was really bummed because I made him something and I can’t wait to blog about it give it to him. My goal was to make each of the munchkins something for Christmas and I barely got David’s done for his Birthday and then I got sick. Maybe I should start now for next Christmas (only 353 shopping days left).

On the adoption front: China referred another batch of referrals the end of December which puts us at 421 LID days to go. We are still very far away but I hope that this is the year that they speed up. We have been reassured by our agency that now that the New Year has arrived progress in Burundi should start moving forward. As always we are cautiously optimistic about reports like that, as things don’t always move at the pace we would like in a third world country.
Other than that it has been pretty slow.


Doreen said…
I hope you feel better soon.

Doreen in Montreal single mom to Faith-Jiangxi & Mia-Sichuan
Jimh. said…
Hooray for BMs!! (That's Burundi Movements!) I hope it hurrys up!

I am glad you were feeling well enough to go to work and earn the money!

Love you!
You will see BB soon..
HE really wants to meet his Aunt Kim...
Come on referrals again...lol..
Feel Better Soon!
Grandma said…
As if winter isn't bad enough, that's the time we are more apt to get sick. Keep your smile smiling.
E said…
It is a Pepto party! Booooo!!!!!!! Hope you feel better. We had 5 people call in sick today.
Amy said…
Poor you, Cora. I am so sorry you've been feeling cruddy. All sorts of stuff seems to be going around. I've been home this week with one of my sons...he has pneumonia, of all things. Come on Spring!

...And come on REFERRALS!!! It really sounds as if 2009 is going to be a very happy year for you guys in that department!

Get well soon...:)
mommy2gabby said…
So sorry you are sick! That just stinks.

It is exciting that we had another referral batch the end of Dec. Does that mean that possibly we will have 2 in Jan? It would be nice but I am not going to hold my breath.

Everytime a see a post form AAO about Burnundi, I can't wait to read it in hopes of some good news for you guys. It just has to happen soon now that the New Year is here!


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