The Weekend of Laundry (warning long bring a cup of coffee)

Well this weekend we did not get much done but it seems like we were busy all weekend. Let’s see it started with laundry. I am ashamed to say I have been terrible in keeping up with our laundry. We desperately need a new washer and dryer. It takes 2 dryer cycles most of the time to dry our clothes and as much as Jim has tried to balance our washer is still shakes the whole house and sounds like a helicopter is landing in the laundry room. It scares the dogs (and me sometimes). Plus our washer is really small (WHAT WAS I THINKING WHEN I BOUGHT IT), so it takes extra long to do laundry so I have been just doing what I need to get by and the rest has been piling up in our room. So I pulled all of it out into the living room and sorted it into loads, see if it is in the middle of the room I can’t ignore it. So I began my weekend with a light colored load.

Are you still reading or did I put you to sleep yet with laundry talk? Don’t you worry I have more so if you have insomnia come back to this post. It will definitely do the trick; I am falling asleep a little writing it.

So after I got the laundry going I decided since it was the 10th of the month I might want to pay the bills. Just assume here that they are all due after the 10th because I want you to think that my procrastination abilities stop at the laundry. During the opening of the mail I found an Eddie Bauer $10 certificate. I belong to their card program and I have no idea how it works but every once in a while they send me a coupon, I assume it some sort of points system, so I can’t let that go to waste. So after the bills were all in the mail, Jim and I headed into town for some lunch and a quick shopping trip. I found a nice blouse that was on clearance for $11.99, it is the same as one I bought this fall but in a different color (I know not supposed to do that, but I like it). The $10 coupon made it only $1.99, don’t let Jim tell you that I also bought another top for $30 he was just imagining that, I have had that plum colored soft sweatshirt for years, he just forgot.

Since I was avoiding more laundry waiting for the dryer to finish we called Grandma to see if she would be up for some company. She was and so we went and had a nice visit. Then it was home again for more laundry. And just plain relaxing and chatting with friends online.

I also joined Facebook this weekend so if you are on face book let me know, I need friends I look pathetic with only a half dozen friends, one of which is my hubby.

On Sunday I got up and guess what? Yep, I started some laundry. I chatted online for a bit and then I realized that we were supposed to be at Jim’s parents by noon and we still needed to go to Costco. Jim put a ham in the crock pot for dinner, we made a quick list, I threw my greasy hair in a ponytail and off we went. I think we had the fastest Costco trip ever. It does not matter how quickly you run through that store you still end up with a minimum $75-$100 bill. We ran back home dropped off the groceries and headed to Jim’s parents. We were even 15 minutes early, I think they about had a heart attack. They had lunch ready, Ham, so if you are what you eat we are big pigs. You can get the whole run down on Jim’s blog. But I think he left out the best part coming home and doing more laundry.

I actually made my own laundry soap when we got home. I will post about that in a separate post so it does not get lost here in the longest most boring laundry weekend post ever. But to sum it up it was really easy and I can’t wait to try it out.

I cleaned out my drawers to make room for the clothes I was putting away and got rid of some stuff that I never wear and I don’t fit into anymore stuff that must have shrunk in the laundry.

I folded, folded and folded some more. Can I just say, what in the world happens to socks in the laundry? WHY can’t they match after they come out? I mean my gaud why oh why do we always have a basket of socks that have no mates? If someone has the answer I would be forever grateful. I finally finished my Sunday with a load of reds, I still have some towels to wash but I will get to them tonight. So I lived the glamorous life this weekend, don’t you wish you were me?

I promise to keep up with the laundry for at least a couple of weeks but who am I kidding until I get that cobalt blue wash/dryer set of my dreams. (how sad is that to dream of washer and dryers?). I am doomed to taking forever to do laundry, can’t wait until we have kids to add to the fun, I hear they stay clean right ;0).

Have a wonderful week everyone.


WOW.. you did A LOT of laundry this weekend..
Speaking of laundry.. I did it yesterday and then today ALL DAY LONG..
Sounds like a relaxing laundry weekend to me..
E said…
Sheeewwww I made it through the whole thing. That is the longest I have ever seen you post before. Bravo... and welcome to the long(wind'd) club..:)
Jimh. said…
Long winded, Short tempered...whatever.

Hey, what d'you mean!? That purple shirt is new! I have never seen it before! And I thought you said it was $32! You just said that shirt was only $1.99, which is it?

Well, mybe I will get you the Dryer for our 10th anniversary and the washer for Christmas...I think that'd be great! Maybe a mop for your birthday...

Love ya!
Peta-maree said…
LOL. I do the same thing most weekend and not just with the laundry the ironing as well.

I think a new dryer and washer are in order with 2 kids on the way you are going to have lots of laundry and you wont want to spend all your time doing it. Oh and tell Jim that it is not a good 10th Anniversary present or Christmas present.

I am on facebook so come and be my friends
Amy said…
Wow, Cora, you were super productive this weekend. I'm impressed! I could really use your help with the piles I have growing in my house...

Jim's comment cracks me up..."Long winded, short tempered, whatever..." I can't imagine you short tempered! Now he really owes you a new dryer. :)
OK...I admit it...I didn't read the entire post. Somewhere around the 5,789th load I got bored and just scrolled down to post a comment. I'll save reading Jim's blog until bedtime. I've been having troubles falling asleep lately, but I am sure Planet Ruth will do the trick!
Grandma said…
I feel your pain !!!
mommy2gabby said…
This is pretty funny! I did make through the entire post though. You will definately want to invest in that new washer and dryer before BB and LM come along!

I tagged you on my blog!
:) Jody

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