Ok I know it is about time. I have great friends out there and they have given me some great awards in the past couple of months. Things have been kinda hectic and I have not gotten around to posting them so I thought I would post all together.

Here is goes in no particular order.

I got this award from Kim, Margaret, Amy and Jody. All three of these ladies are amazing and I feel privileged to be able to follow along on their journeys through life no matter what direction they may take.

I got this award from Kim, I have to agree that she is pretty FAB. I never thought I would meet one of my very best friends online. We had our "Internet date" last March and we hit it off just as well in person.

And then ages ago, Diana gave me this award. Diana is a wonderful Friend that I met through Kim. I think all of her blogs deserves this award so I was really honored to receive this.

Ok so for the rules and giving these awards out. I think and hope that you are just supposed to pass these along. I know that the fabulous award you are supposed to name 5 FAB addictions so here goes those
1. Coffee....need I say more (oh with vanilla and creamer of course)
2. Blogs did I live 30 years with out blogs!
3. Chocolate....nothing else needed
4. all things baby.... sorry this is a matter of trying to become a parent FOREVER you can't help it
5. collecting things I don't need especially craft stuff I will never use.

Now for the passing of the torch.
I award the lovely blog award to Jody because not only is she super sweet she has one of the loveliest blog that I have ever seen. Amy because although she is new to blogging I love reading her blog and she is a lovely inspiration when ever anyone needs uplifting.

The Fabulous Award I am awarding to Christy at a Bushell and a Peck because she is so incredibly Fab and I love reading her blog.
Wendy at Adoption and Fire because not only does she post pictures of her incredible adorable daughter she has great advice and tips.
And last but not least my Grandma at Pet Peeves and other Ramblings because although she has achieved fame and fortune (ok maybe not fortune) she is still the most fabulous blogging Gran that I know.

For the Friends award how can I possible choose? Every blog that I read, I consider a friend and perhaps I get too attached to some of these friends because some of them have moved on with real life and I miss them. I am pathetic, I know.
So If you read my blog and also get too attached to bloggy friends please accept the friend award from me.

I have also had trouble keeping track of who has received each award so this is my way out, he he.

Thanks for all the love people, I love you all, too.


Thanks for being there in all the good times and the hard times..
And we will have MANY MANY GOOD TIMES..
with our little ones with us also..
Love ya..
Make sure there is room for me to stay when BB gets there..
I am coming
Margaret M said…
You must feel so loved.... how wonderful! Emjoy the rest of your week....over halfway to the weekend!
Jimh. said…
Awesome post! I hope you had a good day!
Christie said…
Whoo hoo! It's an honor to be nominated!!!

Big HUG!

Amy said…
Oh Cora, thank you. I think you're the bees knees and I'm so happy to have "met" you!

Love and Hugs,

p.s. I love how Jim sends you such sweet comments. Boy, oh boy, you guys are going to be a dynamite parenting team!
Jimh. said…
YES, JIM is just awesome, isn't he!? Cora, did you read that?

Love ya! And thanks Amy!

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