Happy Friday!

I am so happy it is Friday and one reason is that I don't have to work today. I took a vacation day just because. I have been saving up my vacation in case we go on that adoption trip so i have 3 weeks just hanging over my head. I am supposed to use them by June but i am hope they let me carry a little bit over. One reason is that I don't think I could take all 3 weeks even if I wanted to.

So I took a mental health day and I plan on doing whatever strikes me! I might sew, I might organize my sewing room, I might sit and watch Hulu all day. Jim cleaned up the house for me yesterday, have I mentioned he is wonderful, so that I don't have to be stressed about relaxing in a messy house. There are things that could still be done but hey we are talking about us here we will never have a spotless house. Emily got the lions share of the clean genes and then Molly and last and severely lacking is me, some might say I am cleaning challenged. Anyway I am happy just not to be at work.

So I hope everyone else has a great Friday. If I make something I will post a picture. And because no post is fun without a picture I will leave you with my newest coffee cup that Jim found for me on line. It sums up my morning personality perfectly, except for this morning, I am unusually cheery! Wonder why?


Jimh. said…
I can't understand why you got up so early, either! Still, you deserve a day off! Enjoy it! I love you!

And fittingly, my security word is "SONGS" no kidding!
You might even do 2 blog posts! w00t!! Hope it's been a nice day!

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