Have You Seen This Sock?

Ok so far I have showered, done the dishes, started laundry, made tea and drank 3 cups of frakin coffee. I then went to pick up the living room and discovered something was missing.

I got these fuzzy socks for Christmas and last night my feet were cold and fuzzy socks sounded so wonderful. After a few hours my feet were warm so kicked them off and left them on the living room floor when I went to bed. So when I started picking up shoes and socks you would think that there would be 2 socks on the floor. Nope, only one sock to be found. I have a strange feeling that the other sock has been lovingly buried in the back yard by this angelic soul.

Yes, the one annoying trait that our almost perfect dog has is that she likes to carry our stuff out the dog door. Just the other night Jim caught her with the fish food who knows where that would have ended up. I went out there and I don't see the sock so I assume it is probably hidden somewhere very safe.

Some people have gremlins we have a golden chowoyote.


Sounds like a great day..
What have I got done today...
Well worked for 6 hours. started laundry,cleaned kitchen, watching Young and The Restless (have 4 episodes to watch) ,,drinking Chai and did NOT go tan....
Have a great day off.. You deserve it..
Jimh. said…
AND she had one of my hats out there!
Aw! Too cute...well, cute to me...maybe not so cute to your cold tootsies!
Margaret M said…
I read the title and smiled!!! I have a drawer of single socks and I love my fuzzy socks. I have given in and now sleep with them mismatched.

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