In Review

Finally we are in review at the CCAA. There have been rumors for months that some agencies were in review but the CCAA had not made the official announcement. We got word from our agency today that the dossiers logged in to CCAA in April 2007 are in review. Yippee that is us!

For those not in the adoption process here is a brief explanation. Dossiers are sent to the China Center of Adoption Affairs by our agency. They are then logged in and given that all important date that determines our place in line. At that time they are briefly looked over to make sure they at least look complete but they are not officially reviewed yet. Some time in the future the dossiers are moved the review room where they are given a complete examination to make sure that we meet all of the qualifications, if there are any questions those are sent to our agency and we have a chance to respond. If there are no questions, our dossier moves on to the matching room where it waits for our turn in the line to come up. Once our LID (Log in date) is up then we are sent a referral!

What does this mean? Well not much in terms of wait times or anything like that but this is the official time that the CCAA is looking at our application and saying yes this couple meets all of the qualifications to adopt from China. So when do we know when our file is through this process? We won’t know until we either get questions from the CCAA (which we hope they don’t have any) or when April 07 is out of review and May is in. I expect April to be in review for several months as there are so many people logged-in in April. I will definitely post when we know we are out of review and in the matching room, but don’t look for it soon.

Happy Groundhogs’ Day everyone!

*image from google images not sure if it is actually the review room or the matching room but you get the picture right?


Jimh. said…
How Awesome is that?!!! It's not much, but at least its another step!

Hey, why no more pics of the ships!?
Grandma Blog said…
That is just super news. At least you can feel that something is happening and not just in limbo. Who knows, it might just start speeding up.
Alyson and Ford said…
We remember the Review Room and we can also appreciate that each and every step is HUGE!
Happy for you all.
One step closer...
Have a great evening..
sweet momma said…
Yipee!! I am so excited that we have finally made it to the review room. It is a big deal to finally be there. I thought the day would never come!

I hope you celebrate with style! Tee Hee..
Did you get my recipe card?
Margaret M said…
So happy you are in review. It is such a relief when you know your paperwork is through. Sorry I have been absent lately. Please check out my blog for the award I am sending your way! Hugs! Margaret
Amy said…
Congratualtions, Cora and Jim! You're getting closer every day!

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