Lost Cat

I know most people that read my blog do not live close but our cat ran away yesterday. It was a crazy set of events that led to him getting out. Jim was cleaning up in the bedroom and he was under the bed. we have been keeping the laundry room door shut because we have a dog door in there and he is supposed to stay inside. The washer started to make a funny noise so i went to check it, at the same time Jim pulled something out from under the bed and spooked Sully. Before either of us knew what was going on he was out the back door. He has not come back.

He had surgery Thursday and they shaved him because of his mats so I am really worried since it is only in the 20's at night and he has very little hair. On top of that he had his cone collar on when he got out so i am worried that he got stuck somewhere. we have been out looking for him several times yesterday and today. I even made flyers to take to the neighbors and tonight I posted a lost and found ad on Craigslist. I really hope someone has picked him up. I just don't see that as a very likely scenario, but he is really friendly so it might be possible. Tomorrow, Jim is going to take flyers into the post office, City Hall and other places around town. We are also going to call the Shelter to see if someone took him in there, that would be the best case scenario as he would have been safe and warm.

On top of that our washer broke again, I am lucky to live close to my mom and dad and was able to do a few loads of laundry there. Jim ordered a part online and hopefully we can fix that this week.

I was going to try to go to the online support group thing with our agency but we were out looking for Sully so I missed it again this month. I am just sick to my stomach about the cat and I don't know what else to do.

I hope the week is better than the weekend has been.


Oh no...I am so sorry. I hope Sully is okay and that he will be found or come back.
:( Hugs,jody
I am sure you will find him..
Don't make yourself sick girly..
Keep your chin up..
Love ya..
Wendy said…
I'm so sorry Cora! I hope you find him soon! ((Hugs))
Oh no! I hope someone has taken him in and you get him back soon!!

I am guessing the coupler broke on your washer. Eric's replaced ours before and it's an easy fix. Lots of great tutorials online.
E said…
I know sorry does not really help, but I hope he comes home. :(
Jimh. said…
I am sorry, too. I should have closed the bedroom door. He is such a good cat.

We will find him.

Love you,


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