The Lost Found Us

We woke up to a white and black spot on Sully's pillow and it was Sully!! I thought I heard a meow about 4:30 but then I thought I was dreaming but Jim found him sleeping in his pillow this morning and woke me up with a Kitty!!

His cone collar was a bit beat up and dirty and his stitches are a little red but not dirty. Other than that he seems fine. He is eating like crazy right now.

I am sorry happy that he found his was back I was really not sure we would find him.

Thank you for all your kind words last night I was feeling pretty down.


YEA Sully...
It is about time you got home..
Your mom and dad were going CRAZY..
Nice to do that..
That is just getting them ready for their babies..
And think they passed the test..
Jimh. said…
Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's back!!!!!!!! Love you!!!!
Grandma Blog said…
I was so upset when I read about him running away that I couldn't even make a comment about it last night. I don't know the kitty personally,but I know he means a lot to you guys. I prayed he would find his way home and he did. Thank God. God gave animals a special instinct to find their way home. Isn't that wonderful!!!!!
Margaret M said…
So glad he is back. Our pets are our family!!! I know the stress of a lost pet and I am so happy your stress if over.
Amy said…
OMGoodness, Cora, I have been out of town for a couple of days, so I missed your post last night. I am so happy to read that Sully found his way home to you! You and Jim must have been heartsick! Hoping that you are sleepy cozy tonight with a purring Sully nearby! :)

E said…
I am with Grandma. I didn't really know what to say either. Shewww.. I was about ready to come and help look for him. :) Can you tag him with GPS or something?

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